quick update


Since my last visit with the specialist in Fond Du Lac, I have seen my Milwaukee specialist, my primary doctor and another osteopath. I have had a bad flare up of inflammation response and have been struggling to recover. Thanks to an osteopathic manipulation and NasalCrom and Alcohol nasal sprays, I am just starting to feel a little better again.

I also went for an AO scan (AO SCAN). Very interesting how the AO scan picks up energies in the body. It immediately picked up Lyme, Babesia and Epstein Barr (plus a bunch of other stuff). I was offered two months of free treatment by the provider if I would give feedback on my experience. I am excited to be able to try a different type of therapy since nothing else has worked so far. I start that on August 17.

I posted a pic of teeth and their connection to the body because recently, I had a filling fall out. I sometimes forget everything is connected. When I see which tooth is having the problem, my other extra symptoms make sense. For more information and interactive tooth chart: Meridian Tooth Chart

I have decided to focus more on healing and improving my health versus focusing on my illness. It is not that I am denying I am sick, I am just accepting this and not wasting precious energy fighting against it. I believe that everything happens for a reason and my body is speaking to me. I must listen to it. I am grateful that I have support of family and friends.

I will post another update after I see my primary and the specialist in Fond du lac at the end of September. Until then, I now send white light and love to every continent, islands, rivers, lakes, streams, oceans and seas. Thank you! I say this every day to spread light and love to the world.


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